Custom syntheses and custom-made products

For everything that you cannot find in our standard delivery program, we provide the option to supply products that are directly tailored to our customers’ requirements.

Traditionally, we manufacture customer-specific powders, granules, foils, wires, rods, sputtering targets, bars and special moulds from pure metals or alloys. If you are interested, please send us a query with your requirements.

We are also happy to help you in searching for specific substances or substance classes.

Organic or inorganic compounds
As a supplement to our regular delivery program, we also have our own synthesis options for both organic and inorganic substances. Our particular strengths here lie in the area of heterocyclic intermediates and building blocks, boric acids and rare earths. Please feel free to send us your query using the contact form and including the substance name, CAS number (if available) and required quantity and purity.