Pure metals, pure elements and alloys

We impress with our wide-ranging product portfolio of high-purity and ultra-pure elements, metals and alloys for materials research. Over the course of our company history, we have placed a particular focus on our extensive range of precious metals and rare-earth metals, precious-metal semi-finished products and precious metal crucibles.

In addition to this, we supply various customer-specific custom-made products and speciality alloys.

To enquire about the availability of a product you require or receive further information about our range, please use our product catalogue or our contact form.

Our products are available in the following delivery forms:


  • Nanopowder and Powder
  • Granules and Chips
  • Pellets and Briquettes
  • Pieces and Bars
  • Wires, Thermocouple wires and Gauzes
  • Rods and Tubes
  • Foils and Sheets
  • Sputtering targets and Circular blanks