Precious-metal catalysts

Our heterogeneous catalysts are made from precious metals that are usual applied to a carrier material, such as active carbon or aluminium oxide – meaning the catalyst and the reacting substances are present in different phases. An overview of our offerings from this compound class can be found in the download area.

The homogeneous catalysts are precious-metal compounds complexed with organic ligands, which, in a reaction solution, accelerate the reaction in dissolved form rather than as suspended particles. Our homogeneous catalysts can be found in the product catalogue under the element in question.

For new products in research, ChemPur additionally works together with Saint Gobain NorPro to provide specially formed catalyst carrier materials from aluminium oxide, silicon dioxide, zirconium oxide and titanium dioxide.

ChemPur has a wide range of homogeneous and heterogeneous precious-metal catalysts for organic synthesis:

  • Palladium catalysts
  • Platinum catalysts
  • Ruthenium catalysts
  • Rhodium catalysts
  • Catalysts for gas purification