ChemPur provides a wide selection of metallic, oxidic, nitridic and carbon-based nanopowders in various forms and particle sizes. Our nanoparticles are available both on a laboratory scale and, usually, kilogram scale.

For materials in nano-form, the smaller particle size is a result of fundamental changes in the physical-chemical properties. Compared with larger particles with the same chemical composition, nanoparticles demonstrate higher chemical reactivity, greater biological activity and stronger catalyst behaviour.

Nanotechnology uses precisely these size-specific properties of synthetically produced nano-materials. The results of research are now being used in every conceivable field - in food, packaging, cosmetics, as an additive to sun protection, in application-specific coatings, environmental technologies, agrochemicals and even in the medical industry.

You can find an overview of the nanopowders we supply in the download area.