Building blocks, intermediates and standards

In close collaboration with selected manufacturers, such as BLDPharm, Fluorochem Ltd, Angene Chemical, Glentham Life Sciences, J&W PharmLab, Key Organics (Bionet), and Menai Organics, ChemPur provides a wide-ranging spectrum of interesting intermediate products that are specially tailored to the requirements of pharmaceutical, agrochemical and biotechnical research:

With almost 100,000 products, Fluorochem Ltd is among the largest producers of fluorinated chemicals, biochemicals, heterocyclics, organics, silanes and siloxanes in Europe. All products from Fluorochem and Oakwood are sold exclusively by ChemPur in Germany and in German-speaking countries.

Glentham Life Sciences is among the leading providers of fine chemicals, biochemicals and raw materials. Thanks to many years of experience in the industry, low-cost products in top quality can be offered.

J&W Pharmlab is a reliable producer of extraordinary and "not quite so easy” intermediates – their delivery program includes approximately 10,000 compounds.


Key Organics Ltd. is among the global leading providers of high-quality intermediates and building blocks. The BIONET product range currently includes over 40,000 unique substances.


Menai Organics Ltd. is distinguished by a remarkable range of fine chemicals and intermediates for combinatorial chemistry and also organic synthesis.


BLD Pharm is focused on providing 90,000 combinatorical building blocks, organics and fine chemicals.
Main products are heterocyles, alcohols, amines, aledehydes, carboxylic acids and esters.
For Germany and the EU please get in contact with us for further infomation. 

Angene Chemical offers a wide-range of 100,000+ intermediates and building blocks at most competitive prices
with exemplary service. 
German and European customers are welcomed to get in contact with us for adiitional information. 

We would be happy to send you a product overview.

In addition, from its own resources ChemPur provides a wide range of intermediates – numerous sulfonyl chlorides, isocyanides, piperazines, pyrimidines and other special heterocyclics.